The Labyrinth Project

Coyotes in the Cloud

February 28, 2022 The Labyrinth Project at UCLA Season 1 Episode 3
The Labyrinth Project
Coyotes in the Cloud
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You just saw a coyote on the street in front of your apartment.  What should you think?  In this episode, Coyotes in the Cloud, Spencer Robins asks whether you actually saw that coyote or whether maybe you’ve followed a ghost into another political storm in Los Angeles.  Part of the UCLA Labyrinth Research Project, more at

Where are these coyotes?
Labyrinth Intro
The Nextdoor players perform Coyote Debate
At what point did we give up our backyards?
We, the species
What would you say?
A brilliant disguise
Labyrinth Passageway